What should I do if accidentally intake a DOA animal as alive?

Julia Law
Julia Law
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If you accidentally enter a DOA animal into Shelterluv as alive, you'll want to delete this animal and re-enter a new animal record using the correct intake subtype that is set to DOA. Take a look at this article here for help configuring your subtypes correctly.

The best option for deleting the incorrectly intaken animal will depend on how the animal was entered:

If it was created first on the shelterluv side, then you can simply delete the animal's intake from Record Management. This record will be removed from your custody and will not impact reporting (assuming there were no previous intakes/outcomes on the record).

If it was created from the field services module first before the intake was processed on the Shelterluv side, then deleting the intake from Record Management will delete the intake and remove it from reporting, but the animal record will still exist as a "Previously Owned Animal" under the original associated person. In order to remove the record completely, you'll need to select "Delete Animal" from the animals tab on the associated person record. See this article here for more details on previously owned animals.

Please reach out to help@shelterluv if you have any questions about this process.