How do I configure multiple licenses in Shelterluv?

Christina Forker
Christina Forker
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If you need to sell licenses for more than one agency, you can set up your various licenses and prices as Non-Adoption Shopping Cart Items, and leave the jurisdiction and price fields in the License section of your configuration panel blank so that information does not auto-fill. You will need to manually type in the jurisdiction when adding the license to the animal's record, or during checkout. 

For example, if you sell licenses for both unaltered and altered cats and dogs for two different jurisdictions, you will want to set up one non-adoption shopping cart item for each jurisdiction, species, and altered state: 

Bellingham Dog - Altered ($10)
Bellingham Dog - Unaltered ($30)
Bellingham Cat - Altered ($10)
Bellingham Cat - Unaltered ($30
Ferndale Dog - Altered ($10)
Ferndale Dog - Unaltered ($30)
Ferndale Cat - Altered ($10)
Ferndale Cat - Unaltered ($30)

To learn how to process transactions that include licenses, click here. 

For more information regarding reporting on multiple license jurisdictions, take a look at this article.