How do I add a license while processing a credit card transaction via Shelterpay?

Christina Forker
Christina Forker
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At the moment, a license can be added from the profile tab of an animal record at any time, or it can be added on the final checkout page while you are completing a transaction if the transaction will be completed via cash, check, or an external (non-Shelterpay) credit card reader. 

Shelterpay transactions follow a different process than cash, check, or external credit card transactions and do not include an option to add a license while you are completing the purchase since the final checkout page is not included in this flow.

If you know the purchaser will be paying via credit card and your organization uses Shelterpay, you will want to be sure the animal has a valid rabies vaccine on file, then add the license information from the profile tab on the animal's record prior to completing the outcome. 

You will also need to be sure you have pre-configured a non-adoption shopping cart item for your license(s) since you will start the transaction and outcome flow by adding the license item to your shopping cart.


To add a license while processing a transaction via Shelterpay, complete the following steps: 

  1. From the purchases tab on the purchaser's record, select New Purchase
  2. Search the item list for the correct license, then add to cart
  3. On the following shopping cart page, click the link in the bottom left corner to add an animal to your cart
  4. Once you have added the animal that will be adopted, click the Pay with Credit or Debit Card option to complete the rest of the purchase via Shelterpay.


Since the non-adoption shopping cart item you configured for your license isn't tied to the licensing functionality directly, the license isn't pulled in as an available document to provide at the end of the transaction. However, if you want to provide a copy of the license to the purchaser once the transaction has complete, you can choose to print or email it from the animal's record directly. 

Take a look at this video for a brief demo of this process.