How do I process (non-Shelterpay) credit card transactions in Shelterluv?

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If your organization accepts payment via credit card but you do not use Shelterpay, you will want to complete the checkout flow for a credit card purchase via the following steps: 

1. Once you have started processing an adoption or other type of transaction and all of the items to be purchased are in your shopping cart on the page shown below, click on the Pay with Cash or Check button on the right-hand side (even though you are processing a credit card transaction). 

  • Note: The other option on this page for Pay With Credit or Debit Card is the checkout flow for Stax transactions only. If you do choose this option, you will want to select "Use separate card reader" option on the following screen. This flow will lead you back to the same checkout page as the Cash/Check option, so to cut out a few extra steps, we recommend just clicking the Cash/Check option if you are using an external card reader. 


2. Once you have selected Pay with Cash or Check and have filled out any required information on the Adoption Counselor pop-up form (if enabled in your account) you will then see a Donation pop up which will allow you to ask the purchaser if they would like to make a donation so you can record the donation amount. 

3. After recording a donation, you'll see an option to either print or digitally sign a contract (if a contract is applicable as part of the purchase). 

4. Once the contract has been printed or digitally signed, you will be brought to the final checkout screen where you will select the method of payment by clicking into the box shown below. 


5. For a credit/debit transaction, you will see a pop-up window as shown below where you can record the amount paid via credit card, the card type, and the last 4 digits of the card that was charged. We recommend stopping here to run the card through your card reader before entering the card information in the form below. 

  • Note: Entering this information does not charge the purchaser's card. This is simply a way to allow you to record information about the card that was used to complete the purchase for reporting purposes. Recording this information is also meant to help you locate a transaction in your merchant account should you need to process a refund at a later time. 


6. After you have charged the purchaser's card via your external credit card processing system and recorded the card details shown above, you can then select the documents you would like to print or email to the purchaser which is the final step in the transaction process. 

To see a video walk-through of this checkout flow, click here

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