Adding a license to a transaction completing via Credit or Debit Card through Shelterpay (Multiple Jurisdictions)

Christina Forker
Christina Forker
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When completing payment via Shelterpay, a license will need to be added before starting the checkout flow from the animal's record if you support multiple jurisdictions. 

Adding a license from the animal's record:

Be sure the animal already has a valid rabies vaccine on file. If it does not, you'll need to complete the vaccine from Medical > Vaccines. 

Add a license to the animal record directly from the Profile tab on their record by clicking Add License:


Enter the license information in the pop-up window. Once you select the Rabies vaccine from the Rabies Vaccine Product dropdown, the rabies information will fill out with the details from their vaccination. Once you have the form filled out, press save. 

There is also an option to Save & Checkout, but this can only be used if the animal is already attached to a person record. For example, you may be purchasing a license at some point after an animal has already been outcomed, or if they have been serviced in. If the animal is being adopted by a new owner, you'll want to press Save only. 

Once you have saved the license information, you can start the outcome flow (or purchase) from a person record. When you reach the Checkout screen shown below, click the link at the bottom of the page to add a product to your shopping cart:



Select the corresponding license from your Shopping Cart Item list. It is often fastest to search for the license by name rather than scrolling through the full list of available items:



Once you have added the license and any other items to be purchased to the cart, select the blue "Continue with Shelterpay" button shown below to complete the checkout via Shelterpay.

To provide a copy of the license to the purchaser, navigate to the attachments section of the animal's record where you can either print or email a copy. 

For a video walkthrough of this process, click here.