How can I use a barcode to enter vaccine lot numbers and expiration dates?

Matthew Brown
Matthew Brown
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In order to use a barcode to enter the lot number and expiration date in to the vaccine module, you'll first want to create the barcodes. You can create custom text based barcodes on this website.

When creating the barcode, type in the lot number, a space, and then the expiration date. 

When you go to enter the lot number into the vaccine module, scan the barcode.  It will input the lot number and expiration date into the lot number field. From here, you can cut and paste the expiration date into the date field. 


If you also want to auto fill the vet's name, this Chrome extension will allow you to program a shortcut that when used, will auto-fill any text field with the stored text you have configured. 

For Example, if you have a vet named John Smith, you can configure a shortcut so whenever JS is typed into the vet's name field, the extension will auto-populate John Smith instead.