How can I log in to multiple Shelterluv accounts at the same time?

Christina Forker
Christina Forker
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If you need to be logged in to more than one Shelterluv account at any given time, there are a few different options available, The instructions below are all for Google Chrome, as Shelterluv runs best on this browser. 

1. Create a second Google Chrome profile (recommended)

We recommend creating a second chrome profile which you can use any time you are logged in to a Shelterluv account that isn't your main account. You can also choose to store store any important bookmarks etc that are specific to the other account(s) you log into within your second profile. Take a look at this article for instructions on creating a second Chrome profile. 

2. Use an incognito window

Another option would be to use your regular Chrome browser window for one instance and an incognito window for the other, as this will allow you to be logged into two accounts at the same time.

To open an incognito window from your regular browser window you'll want to click on the 3 vertical dots in the top right hand side of your browser, then select New Incognito Window. 

3. Use a completely separate browser

If you prefer, you can also choose to log in to Shelterluv with two completely separate browsers (ex: Chrome + Firefox). However, since we run best on Chrome, we recommend creating another Chrome profile via option #1.