What other services integrate with Shelterluv?

Matthew Brown
Matthew Brown
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Shelterluv currently has integrations with four other software tools to help increase your efficiency and effectiveness. Each of these tools connects to your Shelterluv account through an API key. See Using Shelterluv's API for instructions on how to generate an API key within your configurations.



PawBoost is like an AMBER Alert for lost pets. Over 4 million people have signed up for their local lost & found pet alerts, and they've helped reunite over 1 Million pets with their families. PawBoost has built an integration that enables stray intakes at shelters to be added to their lost & found pets database, automatically and for free. To get started, just send your API key to katie@pawboost.com.


Petco Love Lost


Petco Love Lost (fka Finding Rover) - It’s estimated that one in three pets will go lost during their lifetime which adds up to 10 million annually. Without a central place to report them lost or found, many pets may never be reunited with their families. At Petco Love, we’re determined to change that. In fact, we won’t stop until every lost pet finds its way home. That’s why we created Petco Love Lost, a national resource that uses pet facial recognition technology to empower animal-loving communities to reunite lost pets.



Doobert is an animal transport platform that helps bring animals needing transport and transporters together. Through the Shelterluv integration, all of the animals you specify will be automatically uploaded to your Doobert account, making it even easier to plan and execute transports. See How do I integrate with Doobert? for more information on some specific configurations needed with the Doobert integration.


Maddie's Pet Assistant


Maddie's® Pet Assistant is a unique app for mobile phones and tablets developed by Maddie's Fund® to help animal shelters and rescue organizations provide support to and communicate with foster parents and adopters after pets go home. Think of it as another tool in your toolbox to help animals succeed in their journey beyond the shelter.