Can I process a refund and return multiple animals at the same time?

Christina Forker
Christina Forker
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If you have multiple adoptions that are tied to the same transaction ID and the adopter would like to return the animals for a refund, you can process a refund for more than one adoption fee at the same time but you will need to manually delete the adoption outcomes separately before all of the animals are returned to custody.

From the Adopter's Purchases Tab:

From this tab you can select "Refund" from the green action button on one of the animals that was a part of the original transaction. On the next screen you'll see the option to select all animals/items that were a part of the transaction to include in the refund. 

Processing a refund from the Purchases tab does not delete an adoption outcome. To return the animals to custody, you'll need to delete their outcomes individually via Record Management. 


From the Transactions Tab in Record Management:

A transaction can be deleted and a refund issued via record management which will also delete the outcome as well, but only if you delete one animal at a time. If a transaction ID contains more than one adoption, you'll want to select only one of the adoptions to delete at a time from the Transactions tab in record management even though there are multiple adoptions that share the same transaction ID. This will ensure the adoption outcome is deleted and the animal is returned to custody at the same time a refund is issued. 

From the Adopter's Animals tab:

Depending on the return threshold your organization has set (if any) you'll have the option to process a return from the action button on the Adopter's Animals tab. After filling out the re-intake form, you'll be able to refund the adoption fee from the Refunds screen. If there were multiple animals that were a part of the initial transaction you'll have the option to refund multiple adoption fees at the same time from the Refunds screen, but you'll still need to delete the adoption outcome for any animals other than the one you initially selected to be returned from the Animals tab individually via Record Management. 


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