Field Services is live!

Zoe Rogers
Zoe Rogers
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Shelterluv's new Field Services product is now live! This is the first fully-mobile, map-based software solution for field services, and it is designed to help you track all of the work that your field services officers do in the community.

You might find this new product interesting and powerful for your organization if you:

  • Have an animal services contract with your own officers and want to track all of their activities OR
  • Would like to start mapping for disease tracking, TNR, or any other programs that would benefit from having a map view to track your efforts 

Take a quick tour of Field Services here:


Please email us at if you or anyone you may know are interested in checking it out! (Note: There is no additional cost to use Field Services.)


Just like on the sheltering side of the software, we're regularly making updates and enhancements to the Field Services functionality. Here are a few of the latest updates that we've made:

  • When you've searched for a person or animal and found no matching results, the "create new" form will then pre-fill with the information you already entered in your search (making creating new records that much faster!).
  • We've added new fields for tracking:
    • Memo type
    • Incident date
    • Reference number
  • The timestamps on memos will now indicate:
    • The date and time the memo was first created and which user created it
    • The date and time the memo was last updated and which user updated it
  • Three new Roles have been added for people:
    • Victim
    • Animal Owner
    • Homeowner
  • A new Resolution type has been added:
    • "Unwilling to cooperate"


Other Shelterluv updates to note:

Text Checkouts

We have switched to delivering all text messages for Stripe checkouts through an SMS short code, which resolves the intermittent issue we were seeing of certain cell phone carriers blacklisting our previous number. All text messages with the checkout link will now be delivered from the number 89871.


System-generated memo types such as the ones below can now be made available on the Custom Entities Animals Report. To enable the ones you would like to see, simply go to Configuration > Memo Types and add them under "User-Created Memo Types." Once that's done, you will see them as options when setting up your Custom Entities Animals Report.

  • Intake Memo
  • Return
  • Deceased
  • Euthanasia