Field & Community Services Introduction

Elena Battles
Elena Battles
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Shelterluv allows you to efficiently and accurately track all the work your officers do in the community. Shelterluv's Field & Community Services features offer: 

  • True mobile capability allows officers to quickly record and track cases and activities from the fieldField & Community Services is mobile-responsive and can be used on any phone, tablet, or computer with Internet access. 
  • Map-based software allows you to easily assign, prioritize and track cases and officers with Google Maps. Users are also able to visualize your activities on the map.
  • Accurate reporting that actually captures the breadth of work being done, both for cases and activities. 
  • Configurability to support the specific needs of your organization, officers, and community.


Field & Community Services features are included for all Shelterluv customers. There is nothing additional to buy. Learn more here or email to learn how to start using Field & Community Services for your organization.