How do I list courtesy postings on my website?

Matthew Brown
Matthew Brown
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You can create courtesy postings on your website with a combination of a custom status and a custom report. Continue reading to find out how!

Create your custom status

To begin, create a new, in-shelter status title "Courtesy Post" (check out How to add statuses and attributes for details on creating and configuring your statuses). Make sure the new status is configured as shown below.


Even though this status is set to publish = no, these animals can still be shared via a custom iframe on your website, however, they will not push to aggregator sites.

Create your custom report

Now that your custom status is set up, create a custom entities animals in custody report as shown below. For more details on running custom reports, see How do I run custom reports?

Generate your iframe code snippet

Now that your custom report is built and saved, you can generate the custom iframe code. To do this, go to the "My Saved Reports" tab, select the white down arrow on the right-hand side in the green "Run Report" button, then select "Generate Embeddable Snippet. This will generate a pop-up window. Make sure to select 'Always run this report as today' in the date range field.


Once you have the iframe code snippet embedded in your website, it will update daily and populate with the animals in the status selected in the report.

Import things to remember when intaking animal records for your courtesy posts

  • Use the service intake and outcome types for any courtesy posting animals so that you don't get charged for them as adoptions. 
  • Do not add a microchip number in the microchip field if you utilize auto-uploads (since these animals are technically considered in your custody). If a microchip is included, these will be pushed to your microchip registry if you have auto-uploads set up.
  • Configure service in subtypes specifically for courtesy postings not to count in your reporting numbers, just make sure you have 'In Custody' and 'On Site' set to Yes. See this article for more information on setting up service subtypes.

Get photo submissions with the courtesy postings

You can also have people submit an image with their Owner Surrender application if you'd like. You would link a Google Form to your Owner Surrender Application that allows for the photo upload. GSuite accounts are free for nonprofits and will allow you to have people submit their images through the google form, which will be saved into the Google Drive in the account associated with the Google Form. You can find more information on Google for Nonprofits here and the ability to have people submit images through Google Forms here.


You can add HTML code to the disclaimer section of the Owner Surrender application, so it would look something like this:

The code used to generate the last line of text is:

Please submit a photo of your pet <a href="Google Form URL">here</a>