What are the clone and superclone features?

Matthew Brown
Matthew Brown
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You can access the clone and superclone features once you complete an intake. At the end of your intake form, once you hit the blue "Next" button, you will be able to select the clone option or the superclone option from the dropdown menu as seen here:

When you create a clone from the original animal record you are creating one duplicate animal record. On the intake form, the animal's name field will have the same name as the original animal, and you'll have the option to change the name of the cloned animal on the intake form as well as any other details (color, gender, etc) that you may need to edit before the record is saved. 

When you create a superclone, the animals will be completely created automatically with the same name, and you'll be able to change the name or any additional information about the animal afterwards by going back into the animal's record.

The superclone feature is generally meant to help you intake a large amount of animals (such as 10 birds of the same species/breed that all came in together) for which you may not have the time to complete individual intakes for or have the specific animal details on, but you can go back in later to edit.