How to Utilize Shelterluv for a Vaccine, Spay/Neuter, or Microchip Clinic

Matthew Brown
Matthew Brown
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Animals that come in for one of your services should be processed with a service intake followed by a service outcome once the animal is released back to the owner.

You may want to configure certain service intake and service outcome subtypes to be set not to count towards your intake and outcome numbers for reporting purposes since these are public/owned animals.

Additionally, if you are processing service intakes as pre-intake records, microchips added to these animals will not be included in any auto-uploads to microchip registries until the intake is completed.

Directions for processing a service intake

To begin, you will want to process the service intake via the instructions linked here.

Once the service intake is complete and the animal is in your custody, you will be able to add/edit all medical information on the animal record. If a microchip is added to the animal record while it is in your custody, this will trigger it to be included in an auto-upload if the auto-upload feature for a registry is turned on (see Uploading to microchip registries for information on how to set this up).

Once the appropriate service(s) are complete, you will need to process a service outcome via the instructions linked here. Once the service outcome is complete, the microchip will be registered to the associated person.

If you are not collecting payment for the service right away, we recommend disabling the shopping cart flow on the Service Intake form. Additionally, using an attribute can help easily define these animals as a part of a specific program and ensure that you can differentiate them from other in-custody animals in historical Custom Entities Animals In Custody Reports if needed.