How do I create a transport list?

Zoe Rogers
Zoe Rogers
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The transport list functionality will help you quickly and efficiently generate a list of animals to be included in a transport, with each animal's important medical and behavioral details filled in for you from their Shelterluv record. If you were previously filling out a transport manifest spreadsheet manually, this functionality should save you many hours of work!

The format of the transport list has been built to include all the key details needed for the ASPCA's transport manifest template. This list will pre-fill all the columns of the template for you from the animal's record, including basic animal details, behavior assessments, specific vaccines, specific diagnostic tests, microchip number, and more. 

You can start the transport list flow in either of two ways.

1 - From the Partners tab, find the partner you'd like to transport to, click on the blue "Add" button and select "Build Transport List."




2 - If you're already in the profile of the partner you'd like to transport to, navigate to the "Transfers To" tab and click the green "Build Transport List" button.



Next, you'll be shown a list of all your in-custody animals to select from. Clicking the green "Add to List" will include that animal on the spreadsheet that will be generated.

Once you've selected all the animals that you'd like to include on the transport list, click the gray "Generate List" button.


Then an Excel file will be automatically downloaded to your computer. If you don't see this download at the bottom of your browser, you may need to navigate to the "Downloads" folder on your computer. 

Opening the file, you should see a row for each animal that you selected, with the columns of the sheet filled in for you with information from that animal's record. If a particular animal record doesn't include information for a certain column, that cell will be left blank. The animal's photo can be accessed from the file using the image URL included in the Animal Photo column.

The "Notes" column of the file can be pre-filled using the new "Transport List" memo type on an animal's record.