How does the foster portal work?

Christina Forker
Christina Forker
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When you add a new foster parent to your organization by adding the "Willing Foster" attribute to their person record, an email will be sent to the foster asking them to set up their foster profile. Once they receive access to their foster portal, it is recommended that they bookmark the URL so they are able to quickly access the portal in the future if they need to update any of their foster details such as blackout dates, or add a memo relating to an animal they are currently fostering. 

  • The URL for each organization is: (where ABC is your 3- or 4-letter Shelterluv prefix).
  • For more information relating to foster profiles, Foster Finder, and emailing fosters, take a look at this article.
  • For a video walkthrough of the foster portal, click here. 

The email your fosters will receive when you add the "Willing Foster" attribute will look like this (with your organization's name):

Once the foster clicks the link within the email, they'll land on a verification page where they will need to enter the email address associated with their account as well as the last 4 digits of their phone number. After this information is entered, they'll be directed to the main page within their foster profile. 


The foster profile page will allow a foster parent to update the animal types they are willing to foster, their foster capacity, as well as any upcoming blackout dates. There is also a section that will display any animals currently in foster care with that foster parent. If they have an animal in foster, they can submit foster notes from the portal. No notification is triggered at this time, but the foster notes will display automatically as a "Foster's Notes" memo in the animal's "Memos" tab in Shelterluv.



When a foster parent updates their profile, you will be able to view their most up to date preferences and availability by clicking on the "Foster Profile" button from the "Animals" tab on their person record.