Limits on Report Results

Julia Law
Julia Law
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There are some limitations in the amount of results that reports can produce. These include:

  • Custom Events Treatments Completed - Results are limited to 2,000
  • Custom Events Procedures and Surgeries - Results are limited to 2,000
  • Custom Events Vaccines Administered - Results are limited to 2,000
  • Quick Reports - Most results have a variable limit from 5,000 to 20,000
    • Animal Intake = 5,000
  • Physical Exams Quick Report - Results are limited to 600


If your report request results in a timeout, the date range you are working with likely contains too much data and can't return it all at once.

We recommend that you run reports for smaller date ranges so as not to exceed any report limits, and so your request doesn't time out.

Custom Report Caching

If a custom report is run a second time, with all the same parameters (date range, rules, columns), within 10 minutes of the first time it was run, you will see cached results. If you know some data has been changed, please wait at least 10 minutes to run the exact same report again.