What documents can be auto-emailed to partners for transfer outcomes?

Helen Cuadra
Helen Cuadra
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When completing a transfer outcome to a partner, you have the option to email details of those animals to that partner. On the transfer outcome form, you'll now see an option at the very bottom for "Auto-email the documents for all animals in this transfer to the partner organization".  If you check this box and enter an email address for your partner transfer contact, the partner will receive one email for all animals in that particular transfer. 


NOTE: The email field is editable but will pre-fill for you with the email address you have saved for the partner's transfer point of contact.

The email sent to your partner will look something like this:


Each animal's name will link to a page where the partner can download the basic documents for that animal, including their:

  • complete medical history
  • treatment sheet
  • spay/neuter certificate
  • rabies certificate