What quick reports are available in Shelterluv?

Elena Battles
Elena Battles
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Shelterluv offers powerful, easy-to-use reporting functionality so that you can use your data to make decisions for your operations. There are two types of reports available - quick reports and custom reports. You can learn more about reports in this short video: Reporting Overview.

Quick reports are the standard, pre-built reports available to you that relate to animals, fosters, partners, adoptions, and accounting. Here is the list and description of the individual quick reports: 


  1. Animal Population = Currently in custody

  2. Animal Process View = Attributes, Behavior, Physical Exam at a Glance

  3. Location Survey = List of Locations and Inhabitants (The last column in this report called "Next Steps" reports on any memos in an animal record that include this specific fixed-memo type.)

  4. Animal Population In Shelter = Animals in shelter during selected period

  5. Animal Outcome = Outcomes by type

  6. Animal Intake = Intakes by type

  7. Physical Exams = Completed Physical Exams (SOAP notes)

  8. Length of Stay = Length of Stay by Animal

  9. Pathology: Animal-Animal = Animals co-located with a specific animal

  10. Pathology: Location = Animals in a specific location

  11. Pathology: Intake = Animals Related to an Intake Period

  12. Euthanasia Details = Euthanasia outcome - specific information

  13. Weight Change = Weight Change

  14. Daily Census = Current location of animals in custody


  1. Shelterpay Summary by Batch/Payout Date = Fund and Department Chart and Detail*

  2. General Summary by Transaction Date = Fund and Department Chart and Detail*

  3. Payout Reconciliation = Detailed activity on payouts*

  4. Adoption Transactions Detail Report = Detailed data on adoption transactions

  5. Fund Summary Report = Transactions by Fund / GL Code

  6. Detailed Transaction Report = Detailed view (1 per row) of transactions

  7. Item Report = Detailed view of items (1 per row) in the transactions

  8. Donations Taken = Detailed list of donations

  9. Cash Reconciliation = Cash balancing report

  10. Category Revenue = Revenue Grouped by Type and Subtype of Items Sold

  11. Discounts Issued = Detailed list of discounts

  12. Licenses Issued = Licenses Issued for Animals

  13. Deposits Taken = Detailed list of deposits

  14. Quickbooks Detail Report = Detailed output for Quickbooks Accounting

*These first three accounting quick reports are explained in further detail here. Please note that they are available only to organizations that have enrolled with Stax, take a look at this article here for more information.



  1. Foster Activity = Total animals fostered and total days

  2. Foster Hours by Species = Foster Hours by Animal Species

  3. Active Parents = Active Foster Parents

  4. Active Animals = Active Foster Animals

  5. Foster History Summary = Number of Animals by Person

  6. Foster Outcomes = Outcomes of Fostered Animals


  1. Partner Intake Activity = Intakes from Partners

  2. Partner Outcome Activity = Outcomes to Partners

  3. Partner Contact Information = Transfer Points of Contact


  1. Adopter Support = Adopter Contact Information


  1. Shelter Animals Count = Animal Stats Matrix report for Shelter Animals Count

  2. Asilomar Report = Asilomar Report

  3. Vets Adoptions Report = Detailed Adopters and Animals Adopted

Custom reports are an incredibly powerful and flexible option that is also available in Shelterluv. There is no way to list these since each one is built specifically to the question you want to answer, but we do have a helpful article that explains custom reporting in more detail: How do I run custom reports? 

If you have additional questions about reporting, please contact us at help@shelterluv.com