How do I integrate with Doobert?

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To integrate with Doobert, there are two one-time setup steps to take first:

  1. Create a new animal attribute called "Transferable-Doobert"
    1. This is what you'll use to mark which animals you'd like to display in your Doobert account.
  2. Generate an API key dedicated to your Doobert integration
    1. This is what Doobert will use to pull those animals' information out of Shelterluv. 


1 - Create a new animal attribute

In order for you to mark which animals should display in your Doobert account, please create a new animal attribute called "Transferable-Doobert" (no quotation marks). The attribute must have this exact spelling and spacing for it to successfully connect to Doobert. 

  1. Navigate to Configuration > General Shelter > Processing > Attribute Manager. 
  2. Select an animal type that you'd like to display on Doobert. 
  3. Click the green "Add New" button.
  4. Choose "Behavioral Attribute."
  5. Enter "Transferable-Doobert" as the attribute's label, and click "Save."
  6. Select β€œYes” for Publish to Web (the default is set to no)
  7. Repeat for each animal type that you'd like to connect to Doobert.


By default, the attribute will not publish to your kennel cards or be included with your adoption disclaimers. You can edit these default settings if you would like to display this attribute in these places. These settings won't impact how the attribute connects with Doobert.


2 - Generate an API key dedicated to your Doobert integration

You'll need to generate an API key to enter in your Doobert account. This is what allows Shelterluv and Doobert to talk to each other. 


  1. Navigate to Configuration >General Shelter > Uploads & Integrations > My Organization's Website > API.
  2. Click "Generate New Key." 
  3. Label the key as "Doobert" so that you don't get it mixed up with any other API keys that you may use for other purposes.



Once you've created a new API key, simply copy and paste that API key number into your Doobert account under the Shelterluv integration option.



Choosing animals to display in your Doobert account

If you'd like an animal to be displayed in your Doobert account, simply mark the animal with your new "Transferable-Doobert" attribute. That will indicate to Doobert that their system should pull that animal's information into your Doobert account via the API. 

To add an attribute to an animal, navigate to the animal's record and click on the "Processing" tab and "Attributes" subtab. Select the "Transferable-Doobert" attribute, and it will immediately display on the animal's record.