Best Practices for Configuring Statuses

Matthew Brown
Matthew Brown
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Statuses are a key part of your organization's Shelterluv configuration because they:

  • are used on every single animal record that you create and receive.
  • dictate whether each animal will be published to your website and aggregators like Adopt-a-Pet, whether each animal is considered adoptable, and more.

There are a few best practices that we like to share with organizations when they are setting up their statuses for the first time:

  • Try to keep the list limited to as few statuses as possible. This will help keep your status list more manageable and easier for staff and volunteers to use.
    • Start with a short list, and add new statuses later as needed. 
    • Limit the number of users who have permission to add new statuses.
  • Make sure each status is named in a way that gives it a very clear meaning, to staff and volunteers alike. 

Status Configuration Options Include: 

Publish - Statuses with publish = Yes will be eligible for upload to your website if you utilize the standard Shelterluv iframe, Adopt-a-Pet, Petfinder, and RescueGroups. Enabling/disabling those uploads is done in "Uploads and Integrations"

Holdable - Statuses with Holdable = No will be hidden from all "adoption hold lists". Your users will not be able to put these animals on hold.

Adoptable - Statuses with Adoptable = No will be hidden from all "adopt lists". Your users will not be able to process an adoption for these animals while they are in this status.

On Site - Use On site to mark those statuses that animals have when at your primary facility/ies. Use off site if they are in foster, or at a local Petstore, or any other off site location. This will help differentiate your on site only Length of Stay calculations so they can be separated from your total length of stay.

In Custody - This should only be set to No if you'd like to create pre-intake records, otherwise all other statuses should be set to Yes for In Custody (for example, even if you are processing a Service Intake for a publicly owned animal, the status you use should be set to Yes). Animals with No here will not have an intake event and will not be reportable since they will be pre-intake records.

In Foster Status Examples


In Shelter Status Examples