Best practices for configuring Intake / Outcome Subtypes

Matthew Brown
Matthew Brown
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Intake and outcome subtypes help improve reporting capabilities by associating additional information with intake and outcome events. See these articles for more information on configuring your subtypes:

Each of your intake and outcome subtypes should be:

  • mutually exclusive
  • named in a way that clearly defines the subtype to both staff and volunteers
  • without any typos
  • exhaustive - covering all needed values


Configuration Note

When configuring your subtypes for both Intakes and Outcomes, you will also have the ability to determine whether or not the subtype will "count" or "not count" in reporting. 

Traditional Intake events such as a new Stray picked up by an Animal Control Officer or a Transfer In from a Partner agency will normally be configured to "count" towards your overall Intake reports. Other types of intakes that you want to keep separate from your general shelter intake and outcome numbers, such as an Owner Surrender Intake for Euthanasia Services or a Service Intake for a public microchip clinic, can be configured to "not count" towards your regular Intakes/Outcomes based on their specific subtype configuration:

The subtypes set not to count prevent the intakes and outcomes from affecting reporting of the animals you take custody of for the purpose of adoption, transfer, etc. and therefore will not appear on the intake and outcome quick reports as well as the Custom Events Intake or Outcome reports.

These intakes and outcomes are separately reportable on the Custom Events Intake (or Outcome)Events with Subtype set not to count reports:



Example Intake Configuration:

Return Intake Count/Not Count Transfer Count/Not Count
Aggressive to other animals Count Shelter - Out of State Count
Allergies (humans in home) Count Rescue Group - Out of State Count
Animal's Health Count Shelter - In State (RI) Count
Behavior Problem Count Rescue Group - In State (RI) Count
Lifestyle Change Count Animal Control Count
Stray Count/Not Count Feral/ Wildlife In Count/Not Count
Animal Control Pickup


Cat (feral) Count
Public Drop Off Count Bite Quarantine - Confiscate Animal Control Count
Animal Control DOA Not Count (DOA) Injured Count
Public DOA Not Count (DOA) Hit By Car Count
Bite Quarantine - Confiscate Animal Control Count    
Owner Surrender Count/Not Count Service In Count/Not Count
Allergies (humans in home) Count Cremation Request Not Count
Behavior Problem Count Euthanasia Request Not Count
Behavior / Temperament of RESIDENT pet Count Wellness/Vaccine/Chip Clinics Not Count
Cannot afford basic care for animal Count Pet Safe Boarding Not Count
Lifestyle changes Count Public / Staff Boarding Not Count


Example Outcome Configuration:

Adoption Count/Not Count Transfer Out Count/Not Count
Mobile Adoption Event Count Shelter - In State Count
On-site Adoption Count Rescue Group - In State Count
Off-site Partner Count Rescue Group - Out of State Count
Pet Store Adoption Count Shelter - Out of State Count
    Veterinarian Count
Euthanasia Count/Not Count Unassisted Death in Custody Count/Not Count
Aggressive to People Count Failure to Thrive Count
Aggressive to Animals Count Accident Count
Fearful Count Illness Count
Owner Requested Not Count Surgical Complication Count
Fading Count DOA for Cremation Services Not Count
Feral /Wildlife Count/Not Count Return to Owner Count/Not Count
Released to Feral Colony Count Redemption / Returned to Owner Count
Released to Wild Count Redemption Added Microchip Count
    Redemption Added Spay/Neuter Count
Service Outcome Count/Not Count Stolen / Lost / Admin. Outcome Count/Not Count
Returned Healthy to Owner Not Count Lost On Site Count
Cremation Not Count Stolen On Site Count
Medical/Surgery Care over Not Count Lost Off Site Count
Pet Safe Boarding Over Not Count Stolen Off Site Count
Wellness/Vaccine/Chip Clinic Not Count    
Staff Wellness Not Count