How are Transfer Point of Contact, Administrative Point of Contact, and Permanent Rescue Contact used?

Sarah Rueli
Sarah Rueli
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This article will explain where the My Organization contact information, Transfer Point of Contact, Administrative Point of Contact and Permanent Rescue Contacts are displayed and populated in Shelterluv.

Under Configurations > General Shelter > My Organization, you will find: 

  • My Organization contact information
  • Transfer Point of Contact
  • Administrative Point of Contact


On System Generated Documents

  • Contact information in the top right corner will populate from My Organization
  • "Owner" information will populate from your Transfer Point of Contact or the adopter's contact information on the following documents:

    • Complete Medical History 
    • Treatment Sheet History
    • Memos
    • Spay/Neuter Certificate
    • Vaccines
    • Rabies Vaccination Certificate 

For example, in the Complete Medical History document:



On Contracts

The email address and phone number that displays on all contracts is populated from the Administrative Point of Contact


In Microchip Auto-Uploads

  • Upon intake, a new animal's microchip is registered to your organization using the following fields from My Organization:
    • Shelter Name
    • Street Address
    • Transfer Point of Contact's email address
    • Transfer Point of Contact's phone number

  • The email address that is entered under the "Microchip Registries" section is used for Found Animals' "Permanent Rescue Contact" feature in the auto-upload files.
    • The email address entered here must match an existing registry account at Found Animals.
    • Remaining on file as the "Permanent Rescue Contact" ensures that you are called and emailed at the same time as the pet owner if Found Pet Alerts are triggered for the pet.



As the "Reply to" Email Address

The "Reply to" email address for certain system generated emails will populate from your Administrative Point of Contact. These system generated emails include the following:

  • Email sent for document delivery at checkout (Important Documents including adoption Contract, Receipt, etc.)
  • Email sent from Animal and Person Record profiles (system generated documents and attachments)
  • Application requests verification mail (triggered when a known email starts an application)
  • Foster emails (invitation to access foster profile, foster email pleas, etc.)
  • Scheduling requests and confirmation emails