How can I track the trap method for my community cat program intakes?

Sarah Rueli
Sarah Rueli
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If you are intaking cats into your community cat program and you would like to keep track of how they were trapped, there are a few ways to do this. 

Method 1: Attributes

Use Attributes on the Stray intake form to input this information. Unfortunately, the Feral/Wildlife intake form does not have an Attribute option field today, but all of the other intake forms do have it.

NOTE: If you are using the Feral/Wildlife intake type, you can add attributes after processing the intake by going to Processing > Attributes on the animal record.

  • First, go to Configurations > Processing > Attribute Manager and add trap methods for cats. 


  • Next, go to Configuration> Intake and Outcome > Intake Forms > Stray Intake and configure Animal Attributes field as mandatory or optional. You will also want to make sure this field is not hidden.

  • Now you will be able to add your trap methods when processing a stray intake or directly from the animal record.


Tracking Trap Method Attributes 

There are two options for tracking these Attributes. 

1. Filter by attributes on the main animals list.

2. Build a custom entities animals report with specific Attributes you are looking for. Once you build this report and are comfortable with it, you can select "Save this Custom Report" and it will save under your Quick Reports > My Saved Reports tab so you can run it again anytime.


Method 2: Memos

Memos are included on all intake forms, and you can build reports on specific memos, but keep in mind that they are open text fields so they are less structured than Attributes.

Go to Configurations > Memo Types and create a new Animal Memo Type. You can name it something like "Trap method." You will now be able to select it on your intake forms under the "Memos" section.

Memos can be viewed or added at any time from the animal record's Memos tab.

Reporting on Trap Method Memos

  1. Build a custom entities report
  2. Select Add Rule (but you won't need to actually add one)
  3. Select Customize Report Columns
  4. Scroll down to Memos and click the arrow to select the memo type(s) you want on the report