What information is uploaded to Petfinder & Adopt a Pet?

Sarah Rueli
Sarah Rueli
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Shelterluv can be configured to automatically upload your animal records to aggregators of available animals to - Petfinder.com & Adopt-a-Pet.com.

Review this article to learn how to set up auto-uploads to any of these third-party sites: Uploading animals to aggregators

Below is what is uploaded from your animal records to each aggregator.

To Petfinder.com

  • Name
  • Species 
  • Primary Breed / Secondary Breed
  • Primary Color / Secondary Color (dogs and cats only)
  • Sex 
  • Size (based on weight, otherwise defaults to small)
  • Age Group
  • Kennel Card / Website Memo (animal bio/description)
  • Attributes (only those configured to Publish=Yes, displays under the About > Characteristics section)
  • Health (displays under the About > Health section like this: "Vaccinations up to date, spayed / neutered.")
  • Photos (up to 6). Petfinder does NOT support video uploads.
    • The six most recently published photos in an animal's record are uploaded. If a new photo is added and published, it will replace the oldest of the six most recently published photos on Petfinder.
  • Date of Birth (private field on Petfinder, not shown to public)
  • Arrival date (most recent intake date, also a private field on Petfinder)

To Adopt-a-Pet.com

  • Name
  • Species
  • Primary Breed 
  • Sex
  • Altered Status
  • Color
  • Pattern
  • Size Group*
  • Date of Birth
  • Age (Y/M/D)
  • Kennel Card / Website Memo (animal bio/description)
  • Attributes (only those configured to Publish=Yes, displays under the "My Info" section). The attribute wording in Shelterluv must match the wording in the table below.
  • Animal primary color 
  • Photos (one must be selected as the Cover Photo)
  • Videos 

*Adopt a Pet only displays size for dogs, horses, birds, rabbits, farm animals and reptiles.

Additional Notes

"Publishable" Statuses

We will only send animals in a status that's configured to Publish=Yes. Once the animal is moved into a status that's configured to Publish=No or is adopted, it will be taken off these sites the same night.

Uploaded pictures and/or videos on an animal record must have "Publish" checked to publish on your website or any of the aggregators.


An animal must have a sex value of either Male or Female (not Unknown) to be included in auto-uploads.

Age Groups

The age groups that get uploaded are as follows:

  • Puppy/Kitten: 0-6 months
  • Young: 6-18 months
  • Adult: 18-84 months
  • Senior: 84+ months (84 months = 7 years)


The table below defines the attribute names that will trigger these special translations. A few notes:

  • Each attribute must be an exact spelling match, but they are not case sensitive, so "Good with Dogs / "Good with dogs" / "Good With Dogs" will all work.
  • Each attribute must have the configuration of "Publish to Web = Yes"
  • If multiple attribute names are available for the same translation (e.g. "Single Dog Home" and "Not Good with Dogs"), then only one needs to be present on an animal record for the trigger to work.
  • If there are two conflicting attributes (e.g. "Good with Dogs" and "Not Good with Dogs") on an animal record, then it will be translated as blank/unknown.


Shelterluv Attribute Name Auto-Upload Translation
Good with Dogs Good with Dogs

Single Dog Home

Not Good with Dogs

Not Good with Dogs
Good with Cats Good with Cats
Not Good with Cats Not Good with Cats

Good with Kids

Good with Kids

Adult-Only Home Preferred

Not Good with Kids

Not Good with Kids


Litter Box Trained


Not Housetrained

Not Housetrained

Special Needs

Special Dietary Needs


Special Needs


Breed Labels

Not all aggregators have an option for generic "mixed breed" in their auto-uploads, so we have to translate this breed label from Shelterluv into a general breed that they do accept. Here is what those translations look like:

  • Petfinder:
    • "Mixed breed (Small)" = "Mixed Breed"
    • "Mixed breed (Medium)" = "Mixed Breed"
    • "Mixed breed (Large)" = "Mixed Breed"
  • Adopt a Pet:
    • "Mixed breed (Small)" = "Mixed Breed, Small" 
    • "Mixed breed (Medium)" = "Mixed Breed, Medium"
    • "Mixed breed (Large)" = "Mixed Breed, Large"