How do I split payments?

Sarah Rueli
Sarah Rueli
  • Updated

Split payments are currently only possible when no part of the payment is processed through Shelterpay, which does not currently support this option.

To accept split payments, you will "Pay With Cash or Check" flow, and you will see these payment type options on the final Checkout page:

  1. Credit / Debit (for outside credit card readers only - these are not processed through Stax)
  2. Check
  3. Cash
  4. Voucher
  5. Gift Card

You can then split the Total Due between any combination of these payment types.

NOTE: If you need to run part of the transaction through Shelterpay, the only way to do this today is to put a discount on the Shelterpay transaction for the amount that will be covered by another payment type. (You may need to set up a new discount reason for this purpose.) After completing the transaction, you will then go back to the person's record to run a separate transaction for the other payment type.