Why am I not able to edit a treatment dose?

Sarah Rueli
Sarah Rueli
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Treatments that are scheduled or in progress can be edited as much as needed. However, once a treatment course has finished, there is a 48-hour time limit for that treatment to be continued or restarted. This is because usually, the veterinarian will assess the animal to be either cured or needing to continue medication. After 48 hours the medication is considered finished and a new treatment course needs to be started. You will only be able to edit the notes and supervising veterinarian.

Individual treatment doses cannot be edited or deleted at this time, but we hope to add this feature in the near future.

The 48-hour rule to edit treatments is in place because in most cases with multiple doses, after 48 hours, it should be considered a new "course" rather than an extension of the same course. Often, you also have a dose change at this junction, which can create problems.
We also do not want to create user shortcuts when editing treatments. For example, if a pet had a treatment from 1/1/18-1/14/18 at one dose and the pet needed more of that medication in April, it'd show up as 1/1/18 - 4/1/18 for XX days, which is not accurate.
This system is in place to protect multiple dose situations and the complex logic that surrounds them. In most cases, you should be starting a new treatment and not editing an existing one to keep clean records.