How to set up a custom iframe on your website for animals that need fosters

Sarah Rueli
Sarah Rueli
  • Updated

Today, we do not have an "Apply to Foster" button feature available for our iframe. 

For now, a workaround we recommend is to set up a custom iframe on a separate page for animals that need fosters. 

Here are the steps to set up a separate custom iframe: 

  1. Add an attribute in Shelterluv to flag animals in need of a foster that you wish to put on your website. OR you can pull in all animals in a specific status or statuses.
  2. Build and run a custom entities report on the foster attribute you created OR by the statuses you want included and then create the custom iframe. 
  3. Make sure you Add Rule and select In Custody > Matches > YES (screenshot below for reference) OR Status > Matches > your statuses.
  4. At the top of your new foster page, add information about your foster program, let potential fosters know that the animals shown on the page are currently in need of fostering, and include your generic foster application link.

    You will want to provide clear instructions about using the foster application link instead of clicking the "Apply for Adoption" button that will still be shown on each animal's page.