Troubleshooting Tips

Helen Cuadra
Helen Cuadra
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Please follow these steps to troubleshoot an issue in Shelterluv. This is especially applicable if you were previously able to perform the function without any trouble.

  1. Are you using Chrome as your browser?
  2. Have you been able to reproduce this issue on a different device or browser?
  3. Have you tried logging out of Shelterluv and logging back in?
  4. (If this is related to an item that opens in a separate tab) Have you disabled your pop-up blocker?

If the steps above do not resolve your issue, please do the following:

  1. Record your screen showing the issue
    • We recommend the Loom Chrome extension for this - there's no software to install and the videos live in the cloud
  2. If you already have an open support ticket about this issue, please continue to use that. Otherwise, submit a request with:
    • OS (Windows/Mac + version) details
    • Browser details
    • A link to the Loom video you created in step 1


For additional information you may also wish to review: Shelterluv Support Best Practices