How do I reset my (or another) user account password?

Sarah Rueli
Sarah Rueli
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From Login Page - Password Reset / Forgotten Passwords 

If you are a user and forgot or need to reset your password you can by attempting to log in to your account on the login page and select "Forgot password?" 



From Another Account - User Password Reset 

If you have the "Configure my shelters and its users" permission on your organization's Shelterluv account, you can change a user's password by going to:

1. Settings > Users and then click on the username that needs a password reset


2. Once you are in the user profile select Edit 


3. You can then change the password here 



It is the Shelterluv team's policy to not touch user accounts. If you are having trouble resetting a user's password after attempting both options from above - please reach out to us at