Shelterluv Support Best Practices

Helen Cuadra
Helen Cuadra
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At Shelterluv, we understand that you are busy and don't want to spend time going back and forth with us about any given issue. Here are some tips for submitting a great support ticket!

  1. Check our Help Center first - this will get you the fastest answer to commonly asked questions.
  2. Submit your question, issue, or request by clicking the Submit a request link at the top of the Help Center
  3. If your issue is about a specific animal or person record, please include the full ID number of that record (e.g. PAWS-A-8377) instead of using the animal or person's name.
  4. Take screen shots whenever possible. This really helps us understand exactly what you're seeing, which allows us to investigate and assist you faster.
    • For more complicated situations, you can record your screen to show us the issue and talk us through it! We recommend a free Chrome extension called Loom for this purpose.
  5. If you are experiencing odd behavior while navigating within your Shelterluv account, it is helpful for us if you open the Console tab within Developer Tools in your browser prior to recording your screen with Loom. 
    • To do this, you'll want to right click anywhere on your screen and then press Inspect. From here, click on the Console tab in the panel that opens on the right hand side. Once you've done that, go ahead and start your recording so we can look for any errors that might pop up while you are reproducing the issue on your end. Click here to see a quick video walkthrough showing how to access the Console tab. 

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