Shelterluv Configuration Guide

Helen Cuadra
Helen Cuadra
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This configuration guide is meant for organizations that have received access to an activated Shelterluv account. If you would like to activate your Shelterluv account, please visit to get started!

Welcome & Import guides

Your welcome and import guides will be sent via email to the administrator(s) of your account in a welcome email. If you are the administrator and did not receive this email, please check your spam folder.

Important note for larger organizations: We highly recommend putting together a team with at least one point person from each department or program (medical, financial, intake/outcome, adoptions, etc.) to assist with configurations.

Any team member who needs to run regular reporting should also be involved during this setup phase as the decisions made in your account's configurations will directly impact the data they will be pulling.

Configuring Your Shelterluv Account

Only users with the "Configure my shelter and its Users" user permission will be able to access this module. Please watch the video below for a brief overview of your Shelterluv account's configuration to get started.



If you are looking for the Shelterluv New User Training Guide, you can find that here.