How does the Kennel Card Builder work?

Helen Cuadra
Helen Cuadra
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In Configuration > General Shelter > Kennel Card Builder, you will see two options:

  1. Custom Template - use our awesome Custom Kennel Card Builder
  2. Quick Templates - choose from pre-built templates if you do not need further customization (more details below)

Quick Templates

There are nearly 30 different ready-to-use themes to select from for your printed kennel cards. (There is only one generic template for the emailed version of the kennel cards.)

The first tab will have Full Page Vertical Templates that will fit onto a standard 8.5x11" sheet of paper. The second tab will have both Half Page Vertical Templates and Half Page Horizontal Templates to choose from.

Click on each theme to preview it, and click the blue "Set Theme" button when you have found the template best suited for your needs.


Important Notes

  1. The fields on the Quick Templates cannot be customized - you can use our powerful Custom Kennel Card Builder instead!
  2. Your logo from Configuration > General Shelter > My Organization will populate onto the kennel card in place of the sample logo.
  3. Full Page Theme 14 does not actually populate any medical data in the tables to the left; those are meant to be written in by hand. (The Custom Kennel Card Builder does have options for fields that will populate medical data.)
  4. The "Date Available Memo" field on theme 14 and them 19 can be used by setting up a custom memo type called Date Available.
  5. Today, it is only possible to select one kennel card template to use across your organization. The ability to select more than one kennel card and toggle between them as needed is on our customer request list.