Can I make custom application types?

Matthew Brown
Matthew Brown
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Yes! Custom applications are available within the Application Builder in your Configurations. Many groups will use custom applications for things like volunteer applications, community program services such as managed intake, and collecting information for rabies or microchip clinics. 


Example - How to build a Volunteer Application:

Navigate to Configuration > General Shelter > Application Builder, then choose "**Add New Type" to create a new Custom Application, then choose "Volunteer" as the category:


You can then configure your application questions, which will include capturing the applicant's contact information by default. If you have any language your applicants must agree to as part of your volunteer program, such as a general liability waiver, you can build a question directly into your application using a statement like "I agree to..." with "Yes, I agree/No, I do not agree" answer choices. See Building your applications for more information!

You may also want to include questions to capture your volunteer's interests or past experiences using our multiple choice answer system so you can later add attributes to the person record like "Experienced Dog Walker" or "Event Volunteer" which can be helpful when you need to report on or communicate with these volunteers later!

Applications that you receive via Shelterluv's Application Manager are always stored on the person profile under the Person History > Applications tab if you need to reference them. You can also upload additional attachments, like physical time tracking sheets, to each person record if needed. 


For additional use cases for a Custom Application, check out our Sample Service Intake Procedures using Shelterluv’s Custom Applications and Task Manager.