How do I complete treatments from Tasks?

Greg Lucas
Greg Lucas
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In the treatment Task list, you can see all treatments that are due at different dates and times. By default, it shows all treatments due today. You can change the date and time range by using the Morning, Noon, Afternoon, and Evening buttons, or by clicking on the date and time fields. When you click "Show overdue treatments," it will show all overdue treatments up to the past several months. 


Shelterluv loads treatments as you scroll down, so if you want to select all treatments, scroll to the bottom of the page to load everything. Alternatively, you can click on "Location view", which loads all treatments at once. Once all treatments are loaded, you can sort treatments by clicking on the column headers. You can also use the "select all" checkbox to select every treatment.

You can mark off treatments due by clicking on the checkbox, then clicking the blue "Complete selected" button. You'll then be asked to indicate when the treatment was completed, the amount given, and by whom. There are two options when marking a treatment as complete: (1) Use the original scheduled date and time or (2) overwrite with another date and time. You can also change the amount administered and can indicate who completed the treatment.

Once a dose has been marked as complete, it cannot be deleted or edited.

By default, all animals are shown on this list, including animals in foster. To only show animals in the shelter, change location to "Onsite only" or to the specific location you want to see. If you want to select all treatments in foster and mark them as complete, click here to learn more