How do I complete treatments from an animal's record?

Greg Lucas
Greg Lucas
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You can complete treatments from either Tasks or from the animal's record. In the animal record, you can see all treatments on a given day by looking at the treatment sheet, or you can see information about a particular treatment by opening the treatment card.

Treatment sheet

By default, the treatment sheet shows all treatments due today. You can adjust the time range of the treatment sheet with the date fields above the treatment sheet table and clicking "View."

You can mark treatments as complete by clicking on the checkbox and selecting when the treatment was completed, the amount given, and by whom. There are two options when marking a treatment as complete: (1) Use the original scheduled date and time or (2) overwrite with another date and time. You can also change the amount administered and can indicate who completed the treatment.


Treatment cards

To see particulars about the treatment course, click on the triangle in the upper right hand corner of a treatment card to expand that card. You can click on an individual dose in that card and mark it as complete, just as you would from the treatment sheet or in Tasks. To edit information about the overall treatment, click on the treatment card's ellipsis menu (the "..."). To learn more about editing and deleting treatments, click here


If you want to complete multiple treatments at once, use the Tasks interface. This article describes how to use the Tasks interface for treatments.