How do I change custom treatments?

Greg Lucas
Greg Lucas
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All treatment drugs are hard-coded into Shelterluv; if there are any that you cannot find on our master list (see below), please submit them here to be added.

Separate from what is hard-coded, there are a few treatments that are often compounded for the shelter and are included in Shelterluv as "custom treatments." You can edit the custom concentrations of these drugs in Configuration > Medical > Treatments and preventatives > Custom treatments.


You can edit the concentration of the various drugs as many times as you'd like. Old treatments completed with the old concentration will NOT change if you edit the concentration via Configuration.

Need to access the master list of treatments? When adding a treatment in an animal's record, start typing the treatment you are looking for in the Treatment* section. The drop down list will populate the master list. If your treatment does not appear there and it is not listed in the custom treatments section in Configuration, then you can submit a new treatment request here.