How do I edit or delete treatments?

Greg Lucas
Greg Lucas
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Treatments can be edited by clicking on the ellipsis menu in the top right corner of the treatment card. You can also print labels or show previous edits to the treatments from this menu.

You can edit a treatment to change the route, dose amount, duration, notes, and supervising veterinarian. Editing a treatment should be used when you want to change the amount of drug that is being given or change how long it is being given. You cannot edit the drug that is being given. If you need to switch drugs, edit the current treatment to end today and then create a new treatment with the new drug. 

Treatments that are scheduled or in progress can be edited as much as needed. However, once a treatment course has finished, there is a 48 hour time limit for that treatment to be continued or restarted. This is because usually the veterinarian will assess the animal to be either cured or needing to continue medication. After 48 hours the medication is considered finished and a new treatment course needs to be started. You will only be able to edit the notes and supervising veterinarian.

Individual treatment doses cannot be edited or deleted at this time, but we hope to add this feature in the near future.

By clicking delete on a treatment you are erasing all doses from the animal record. Only use the delete option if the drug was added by mistake. Deleted drugs are still kept in the animal record, at the bottom of the page. Click on "Show deleted treatments" to see what was deleted. Deleted treatments do not show up on the animal's medical record, in Tasks, or anywhere else in Shelterluv. Treatments that are deleted cannot be undeleted.