How do I edit an intake or outcome subtype?

Helen Cuadra
Helen Cuadra
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Record Management: Individual or Bulk Editing

On either the Intake or Outcome tab of Record Management:

  1. Select one or more events of the same intake/outcome type
  2. Click the Edit Subtype button
  3. In the pop-up window, select a new subtype from the dropdown
  4. Click Apply to save

You will immediately see the new subtype reflected, including any applicable changes to its reporting setting.





Configuration: Global Editing

To update a subtype across all historical records, go to Configuration > Intake & Outcome > Intake Subtypes / Outcome Subtypes.


Editing Name of Subtype

When you edit the name of a subtype, it will also update on all historical records under that subtype to the new name.


Updating "Count Towards Intake/Outcome Numbers" Setting

When you update whether a subtype counts or does not count towards intake/outcome numbers, that setting will be applied to all historical records under that subtype.

This is particularly useful if the subtype was originally configured incorrectly.


Deleting a Subtype

When you delete a subtype, you will see the following message:

"Because the subtype you are about to delete has been used on animal records in the past, you must choose a new subtype for those records to "fail over" to. This will impact your historical reporting, so we recommend choosing a subtype that is most similar to the one you are deleting. If no other subtype exists, please create a new one."

From there, you will select another subtype from the dropdown, which will be the new subtype for all historical records of the subtype you are deleting.


Changes Made Prior to 2021

If any of these changes above were made before 2021, then historical records were not affected as the functionality described above did not yet exist. If you would now like to update those records:

If the subtype still exists

Any changes you make now will be applied to historical records under that subtype.

Example: You have a service intake subtype of "Public Clinic" that was originally configured to count towards intake numbers, and you updated it to not count after you realized they were being mixed in with your normal intakes, but your historical records were not updated. To get all records in sync, change the setting back to count, save, and then change it back to not count.

If the subtype no longer exists

Simply add that subtype back into your configuration, then make edits and deletions as needed.

Example: You previously had an adoption outcome subtype that was renamed, so the original subtype no longer exists in configuration but still exists on historical records. To apply the new subtype name to those records, add the old subtype back into configuration, then delete it again. This time you will be able to select a new subtype to "fail over" to, thus updating all your historical records.



Single Event Update on Animal Record

The most recently added intake or outcome's subtype can be edited directly from the animal record. (The only exception is if the outcome was a transfer.)

  1. Open the animal record you would like to edit
  2. Click the green Edit Record button
  3. On the Profile tab, look for the intake or outcome section (below the microchip section)
  4. Click the subtype value
  5. In the pop-up window, select the correct subtype
  6. Click Update to save