How to Create Test Records to Practice Intakes and Outcomes

Chrissy Sedgley
Chrissy Sedgley
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You can create as many records as you need to practice your intake and outcome workflows or train your team. 

Intake Practice

Use the "Unknown Person" record or create a new person to use for testing purposes. 


Outcome Practice

Before you complete practice outcomes:

Deleting the outcome event will place the test animal back into your custody to use for additional training. 


All practice adoption outcomes should be deleted using Record Management before the end of the current month so that they are not included in automated billing.

Deleting Practice Data

To completely remove any test records from your account:



If your organization is currently onboarding and are scheduled for an import of your current inventory, we can wipe your practice data for you; this wipe includes all animal, people, and transaction records. (Your configurations and user accounts will remain intact.)