How do I delete or merge a person record?

Zoe Rogers
Zoe Rogers
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Please reach out to the support team at for access to the Person Merge tool. This tool can only be shared with users that have the Add or Edit Person Record permission. 

There are a few things to be careful about  with merging and deleting person records that needs to be considered:

  • The merges cannot be undone, there is no reversal process and no log is kept of merged data.
  • DO NOT accidentally merge a person into itself, this will cause issues with any associated transactions and animal records, rendering them unable to be re-intaken/reported on if needed.

  • Please do not share this tool with any other organizations since the changes are not reversible. Access to the tool requires the "View, Edit, and Create People Records" as well as "Edit and Delete Inventories, Intakes, Outcomes, Transactions, and Licenses" (Record Management) permission. There is no additional access required or granted for users that we share this tool with.
  • Certain information will be merged and certain information will not:

    • The tool will merge:
      • Animals
      • Memos
      • Applications
      • Purchases

    • The following data will not merge, and should be manually moved to the record you'd like to keep before using the tool:

      • Attachments
      • Attributes
      • Contact information
      • Foster Applications
      • Field & Community Services case/activity associations

Note: The person ID number can be found to the right of the person's name when viewing the record. It starts with your organization's prefix; if it was XYZ, for example, the ID may be XYZ-P-2388.