How do I set up behavior plans?

Helen Cuadra
Helen Cuadra
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Behavior plans allow your behavior specialists to record vital information in Shelterluv when working with animals in your custody. Find out how to configure your behavior plans below.

Setting up your behavior plans

To begin, navigate to your gear icon > Configuration > Behavior Management > Behavior Plans.



From here, select the blue "Create New Behavior Plan" button. This will bring up a pop-up where you can enter the behavior plan's name and the species that is associated with this specific plan.

You can only select one species per behavior plan



Once you enter the name and select the appropriate species, select the blue "Create" button. Once selected, you will be able to locate the newly created behavior plan from the dropdown list next to the "Create New Behavior Plan" button.

Once you have your plan selected, select the blue "Create a New Plan Item" button to add each of your plan items.



A behavior plan item is a single task that is selected based on the results of the assessment. A plan item is comprised of three components, the item, the directive, and the stored text.

Each plan is broken down into:

  1.  Plan Items - The overarching question, i.e. "How will we reduce stress and prevent this behavior?" Plan items have three options for type:
    • Single-Choice
    • Multiple Choice
    • Date
  2. Directives - The options to answer the question, like "Easy Walk Harness, Halti, Kennel Placement." 
  3. Stored text - This gives detailed instructions to your team about the specific directives.

If you wish to see a few great examples of behavior plans, please review Best Practices for Behavior Plans!

How do I delete or edit a behavior plan?

You are able to edit or completely delete behavior plan templates as needed. When you select a behavior plan from the dropdown menu, there will be a blue "Edit" button next to the name. Selecting this button will open a pop-up that will allow you to update the Behavior Plan Name or delete the plan altogether.