Why isn't my Adopt-a-Pet auto-upload working?

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There are a few different things to double-check if your Adopt-a-Pet upload isn't working for you.


1 - Make sure you have the correct credentials saved in your Shelterluv configuration.

Learn more here about which credentials to use and where to enter them.

IMPORTANT: Adopt-a-Pet displays the FTP Username & FTP Server in reverse order from Shelterluv, so double-check to make sure you're entering the right credentials into the right fields!


2 - Double-check that you have Auto-Uploading turned on in your Adopt-a-Pet account.

Log into your Adopt-a-Pet account and go to https://www.adoptapet.com/cgi-bin/shelter/autoupload.cgi. Select "Shelterluv" which will set your Auto-Uploading to yes, and click "update."


3 - Double-check that you have an Auto-Upload contact in your Adopt-a-Pet account.

If you click "test import now" from your account's AutoUpload Settings page (https://www.adoptapet.com/cgi-bin/shelter/autoupload.cgi), you'll see an error if you don't have an AutoUpload contact. The error message will explain how to update this information.