How do I add adoption disclaimers to certain animals?

Zoe Rogers
Zoe Rogers
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You can add disclaimers to an animal by using certain attributes. These disclaimers will display to adopters when they complete your digital adoption contract, and their signature will populate onto the Disclaimers document which will be stored on the animal record.

In order to enable disclaimer text to display with adoption contracts for a given attribute, navigate to Configuration > General Shelter > Processing > Attribute Manager.

NOTE: Only users with admin permissions are able to access the Configuration page.



For each attribute, you can choose whether or not you want to publish that attribute as an adoption disclaimer, simply by choosing either Yes or No for that field.

If you have a standard disclaimer message that you use for a given attribute, you can add that as stored text by clicking the blue "Edit Stored Text."

Once you add and save the stored text, you'll see that any time you add that attribute to an animal's record, that saved text will display in the disclaimer pop-up for you to save as an adoption disclaimer.




Need to remove a disclaimer that is no longer needed?

Please note that there is only a one-way connection between attributes and the disclaimer memo that is added to the animal record at the time an attribute that is configured as an adoption disclaimer is added.

Unchecking these attributes from an animal's profile will remove the generated Disclaimer Document from the animal's record so these disclaimers will no longer display within the checkout flow for your adopters to agree to however it will not remove the original disclaimer memo so if you no longer need this history on an animal's record, you will need to delete the memo manually from the memo's tab after the attribute is removed.