How do I use Edit Multiple?

Zoe Rogers
Zoe Rogers
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Edit Multiple is a powerful tool that allows you to add to or edit multiple animal records at the same time.

You will find Edit Multiple on the main Animals tab with the paper and pencil icon in the top right corner of your animal list. 



Select the animals you would like to update together by clicking the checkboxes on the far left side of the list. Then click the paper/pencil icon. 

You will then see the Edit Multiple pop-up and all of the options you have for adding or editing your selected animals.



You can edit or add to the selected animals in the following ways:

  • update their status and/or location
  • complete or schedule a vaccine
  • complete or schedule a treatment
  • add a physical exam
  • add a surgery
  • add a vet or CVT check
  • complete or schedule a diagnostic test
  • add a memo
  • complete a custom medical form
  • add attributes

Simply choose how you would like to update the records, then complete the corresponding fields that are displayed. Clicking "Save" at the bottom of the form that you're asked to complete will save that information to ALL of the animals that you originally selected.