Adding Partners for Processing Transfers

Zoe Rogers
Zoe Rogers
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Before you can begin to process transfer intakes or transfer outcomes to other organizations, those organizations have to be added as partners to your organization. You can do so in Configuration under Partners. Your partners do not have to be Shelterluv customers however if they are, transfer intakes are much easier for both of you! Please see the following for more info: What do the red notifications on the Partners tab mean?

*If you know an organization that would benefit from Shelterluv, please let us know!

To add a partner, search in the "Add a new partner to your list" box for the organization you'd like to add. Try different variations of their name as most organizations should exist in our database already.

  • If your partner is on our current list, you can select them from the returned results, and then you will be asked to add any additional contact information you have for this organization. This partner will then automatically be added for you to start transferring to and from.

  • If your partner is NOT on our current list, choose the option, "Submit an org. Not on this list." You'll then be asked to fill out contact information you have for the organization.
    • Please use the organization's full name if you need to add a new organization
      • Example: "Humane Society of Sarasota County" - not "HSSC"
      • Example: "City of Hope Animal Services" - not "City of Hope, CA"
    • Private rescuers that are not part of an established organization should be added as people instead of partners
    • Do not add vague partner names such as "Other Rescue Partners" - each partner should be a specific organization, otherwise they will be changed to "Partner Unknown" on the backend (we screen every partner submission)