Adding/editing shelter locations

Zoe Rogers
Zoe Rogers
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In order to intake animals, you need to first set up the physical locations at which the animals would be located in your custody. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: Locations should be physical locations within your brick-and-mortar shelter or other offsite locations (not foster homes) such as Petco stores, boarding facilities or vet clinics. Please do not set foster parents' homes as locations. Foster parents should only be created as people records (if you are doing a data import and need us to wipe practice data ahead of the import, please wait until you go live to create these people records). When an animal is recorded as going to a foster parent, the system will automatically update the animal's location to that foster parent.

You can create different levels of locations, nested within each other, starting more general down to more specific. Generally, 1st level locations are the most general like Shelter or Building 1. 2nd level locations might be specific hallways or rooms in the shelter or building. 3rd level locations might be specific kennels in a room or hallway.


From Configuration, you can add new locations, as well as edit and reorder existing locations.


To add a new new location, click on the blue text "Add New Location" from Configuration > General Shelter > Location Management. Clicking that text will trigger the below pop-up, where you can fill out the location's information.


For 1st level locations, you will NOT check the "Nest Location Under" box. But for 2nd and 3rd level locations, you will need to check that box, and then choose the location it should be nested under in the "Select Parent Location" field.

In order to edit or delete 2nd and 3rd level locations, click the 'Expand all' link at the top of the configuration screen, then click the box that contains the list of 2nd level locations. You will then see the edit and delete options for each location. 


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