How to Monitor Your Shelterpay Usage

Nate Moss
Nate Moss
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Shelterluv gives you multiple options to monitor Shelterpay usage for your user account and organization through the Shopping Cart Manager, reporting, the Shelterpay Dashboard, and weekly/monthly summary emails.

Learn more about best practices for increasing your donations by reading Best Practices for Using Shelterpay to Increase Donations.

Utilize Your Shelterpay Dashboard

Your Shelterpay Dashboard displays your organization's statistics related to Shelterpay, donations, and checkout offers like Chewy and pet insurance.

Click the gear icon > Shelterpay Dashboard to view your dashboard.

Below is an interactive example from our test account of what your Shelterpay Dashboard will look like. Use the dropdown at the top to view data from either the past 30 days or a prior month.

From your dashboard, you will find data on:

  • The percentage of checkouts completed via Shelterpay
  • A detailed breakdown of your donations, including YTD and lifetime donation totals
  • The percentage of adopters that received a free Chewy coupon
  • The number of pet insurance policies that have been purchased by your adopters
  • The number of Adopterluv accounts your adopters have activated

Review the Shopping Cart Manager

Aside from your open transactions, your Shopping Cart Manager will give you helpful information regarding pet insurance and donations.

Use the Adoption Transactions Detail Report

The Adoption Transactions Detail Quick Report will show your Shelterpay and non-Shelterpay adoption transactions. This data can help improve your Shelterpay usage by revealing which types of adoptions are not being processed through Shelterpay. Improving your Shelterpay percentage will give your adopters more opportunities to donate to your organization.

You can run the report by clicking your gear icon > Analysis & Reports > Accounting > Adoption Transactions Detail Report.

Use the Payment Types dropdown at the top of the report to filter for non-Shelterpay transactions.

Run Report.gif

Review Weekly & Monthly Shelterpay Summary Emails

Signatories and any user that processed at least one Shelterpay transaction in the past week will receive a weekly Shelterpay summary email. Signatories will also receive a monthly Shelterpay summary email.

These emails will give you similar data to your Shelterpay Dashboard, but in a more automated way so you do not have to manually open the Shelterpay Dashboard on a weekly or monthly basis.

  • Weekly summary email:

    Weekly Signatory Email.png

    Monthly summary email:

    Monthly Signatory Shelterpay Email.png

  • Weekly summary email:

    Weekly Counselor Email.png