How to Configure Your Field Services Cases

Nate Moss
Nate Moss
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You toggle case types and subtypes on or off in your Field Services module to help streamline your workflows.

Go to your Field Services module and click your Username > Configuration > Cases to get started.

What user permissions do I need to configure my Field Services cases?

  • Field & Community Services access (Shelterluv user permission to access the module)
  • Can edit configuration (Field Services module user permission)

Case Types

You can toggle any case type on/off by clicking the eye show.svg on the right-hand side. This is a great way to streamline your team's workflows so that you only see the case types that pertain to your organization.

Toggle Case Type.gif

You cannot add additional case types to the Field and Community Services Module at this time.

The following case types are available in your Field and Community Services Module:

  • Assist
  • Bite
  • Cruelty/Neglect
  • Enforcement
  • Investigation
  • Stray
  • Transport
  • Welfare Check
  • Wildlife

Case Subtypes

Each case type listed above has a list of available subtypes that you can toggle on or off as needed. Click each section below to see a list of available subtypes for that particular case type.

You cannot add additional case subtypes to the Field and Community Services Module at this time.
    • Assist Owner
    • Assist ACO
    • Assist Police
    • Assist Fire
    • Assist School
    • Assist Public
    • Animal to animal
    • Animal to person
    • Cruelty/Abuse/Torture
    • Insufficient Food/Water/Shelter
    • Failure to provide vet care
    • Extreme Weather
    • Animal in Vehicle
    • Barking
    • Inspection
    • Leash Law
    • Notify Owner
    • Abandoned
    • Animal Attack
    • Curbing
    • Dog Fight
    • Kennel
    • Aggressive
    • Check Trap
    • Confined
    • Dead
    • Injured
    • Roam
    • Rescue
    • School
    • Need Trap
    • Saturation
    • Dead Animal/Roadkill
    • Food/Supplies
    • Partner Organization
    • Hot Dog
    • Food/Water/Shelter
    • Vet Care
    • At Large
    • Injured
    • Trapped
    • Dead