Shelterluv Release Notes - Summer 2023

Julia Law
Julia Law
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August 10, 2023

Verification For In-Person Adoption Transactions

Finding the time to monitor and retrain staff is among the top challenges we hear from our customers. Most mistakes are minor and correctable, but there is one that puts your organization at serious legal risk: checking out on behalf of an adopter. When anyone other than an adopter scrolls through the adoption contract, clicks through screens, or creates a digital signature, that pet adoption agreement legally becomes null and void.    

To reduce the chances of this happening, the “Use this device” checkout option now includes an extra verification step for adoption transactions. This helps ensure that the digital adoption contract receives a signature from the adopter, reducing liability for your shelter. New adoption counselors are guided to hand the device to the adopter at this step of the process. 

Screen Shot 2023-08-08 at 4.20.26 PM.png

This simple training tool makes it easy to follow best practices, reduces the legal exposure of your organization, and helps ensure that your adopters are given the opportunity to make a donation. 

Don’t have a laptop or tablet device to use for adoptions? Email us at and we’ll discuss with you how we can help.


June 16, 2023

Checkout Update for $0 Adoptions

Next week, we will be making a small change in checkout to further increase your donations from adopters. All adoptions priced at $0 will be processed through Shelterpay, and you will no longer see the cash/check or “No Charge Checkout” payment method options for $0 adoptions. (Please note: Payment methods will not change for non-adoption transactions priced at $0.)


This change ensures that every adopter is given the opportunity to donate to your organization and digitally sign your adoption contract. When 81% of adopters donate an average of $20 through Shelterpay, you don’t want to miss out on a single opportunity!


You can learn more about processing $0 adoptions using Shelterpay in this help article.


Adoption Application Update

In recent user research conversations with adoption counselors, we learned that adopters often have basic questions about pet insurance at the time of checkout, which slows down the adoption process generally. 


To address this bottleneck, we’ll be presenting educational information about pet insurance at the end of the adoption application process. Once potential adopters have successfully submitted their application, they will see the screen below.




Learning this basic information ahead of time should help adopters make a faster and more informed decision on pet insurance at the time of adoption.


June 2, 2023

New Shelterpay Delivery Method: Linked Devices

  • Some adopters don’t have smartphones.” 

  • “Our shelter is in an area where only Verizon works. Any other carriers don't have a signal.”

  • “Some older adopters are not comfortable with using a smartphone.”

  • “We have adopters who say the contract on their phone is too small and hard to read.”

These are all real reasons we’ve heard from users like you for why they sometimes can’t text Shelterpay checkouts to adopters’ phones.

To help alleviate these situations, we will be launching a new Shelterpay delivery method called Linked Devices next week.

This innovative, industry-first delivery method will allow you to seamlessly send the checkout to a linked laptop or tablet device, where it will automatically appear in the device’s browser for the adopter to complete.

No more awkwardly trying to turn your desktop screen around to face the adopter or taking extra steps to email the checkout link to open on another device.

Removing these barriers allows you to process adoptions faster and maximize your Shelterpay donations! This help article describes in more detail how Linked Devices will work.




Setting up your Linked Devices is quick and easy! You can either go through your Shelterpay Dashboard, or you can set them up quickly while processing your next adoption. This help article describes the setup process in detail.

We’ll let you know when Linked Devices is officially launched with a pop-up message in your Shelterluv account.

Don’t have a laptop or tablet device to use for adoptions? Email us at and we’ll discuss with you how we can help.